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By now you know any excuse I get to post anything about “Batman,” I’m going to do it. Apparently, the success of last summer’s “Suicide Squad” movie has whetted the appetite for more interaction between The Caped Crusader and “Harley Quinn,” “The Joker’s” on-again/off-again companion in love and crime.

Fitting that the next time we see them on screen is where we first saw them: animated. “Batman and Harley Quinn” is the latest in a line of successful DC Animated movies-direct to video. And will see the enemies team up to save Gotham City from a diabolical scheme by former Quinn friend, “Poison Ivy.”

It features many of the voices from the original “Batman: The Animated Series” (where the character of “Harley Quinn” was originated) including Kevin Conroy as the voice of “Batman.”

“Batman and Harley Quinn” is due out later this summer.