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MUNICH, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 20: A waitress brings prezels for senior citizen on September 21 2009 in Munich, Germany.The tourism office and the publicans of the beer tents invited senior citizen to eat and drink. The Oktoberfest is Germany's and the world largest fair. About six million people attend the sixteen-day festival during late September and early October. (Photo by Miguel Villagran/Getty Images)

Came across this story yesterday:
“…America’s oldest veteran, 111 year old Richard Overton, smokes 12 cigars every day. The lifelong Austin, Texas resident starts his days at 3 a.m. by drinking 4 cups of coffee. He then walks around his home to get his blood flowing before downing a breakfast of whole milk and grits. Richard eats chicken, meatloaf and fried catfish for lunch and dinner. Whiskey and Coke’s flow throughout the day.”

Am I th only one tired of having to work so hard on what I eat to try to maintain health while some old people are seemingly able to do whatever and live forever?

You know anyone like this?