Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Trust is a big issue in today’s world, and especially in the dating world.  Why?  Well it’s pretty simple.Folks don’t trust each other because we see the world around us.  On top of that we see the dating issues and trust issues around us.  A new study has found that 43% of women have spied on their partner, but 58% of women don’t trust their partner in general! They are not alone, 21% of men don’t trust their partner!

How far do they take it? Well 18% of women have spied on their partners social media accounts while 40% of women have looked through their partners text messages.  Is that okay?

Well some take it even further to checking their partners GPS history.  In fact 16% of women have said they have done it in the past.

Does spying make trust better, or make trust issues worse?