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Well, The Band Perry may not be making country music anymore, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still keenly interested in what they are doing.

For example, their appearance on a recent edition of “Celebrity Family Feud” had one of the most epic “Fast Money” moments I’ve seen-and I’ve been watching “Family Feud” since Richard Dawson ORIGINATED the show on ABC daytime in the 1970s!

In an effort to win $25,000 for Team Cancer America, Kimberly Perry had 20 seconds to answer the following:

1. We asked 100 married men…when you see your wife naked, what is she doing?

2. Name something people use to make a wish

3. Name a place you’ve been to at 3 in the morning

4. How many kisses does it take to know if there’s chemistry?

5. Name something a bird only has two of

How did she do? Check it out: