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ORANGE BEACH, AL - AUGUST 16: Kenny Chesney peforms live at Kenny Chesney's Flora-Bama-Jama, a free beachplay for 40,000 on the Florida/Alabama line, behind the historic Flora-Bama on August 16, 2014 in Orange Beach, Alabama. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Kenny Chesney)

As if giving a lucky fan an entire year off from work wasn’t enough (details here), Kenny Chesney now wants to pay for a fan’s college.

The Tennessee native has launched a contest for students at Belmont University and Middle Tennessee State University – both colleges in central Tennessee with strong music business programs – to create the music video for his latest single “All The Pretty Girls.”

The contest has everything to do with the song’s spirit and his own crazy college days. “The best moments of being young and having fun should be captured,” he says through this publicist. “But nobody ever talks to the people who are right in the moment of living it about this kind of thing. Rather than look back, we oughta just go to the people living it.”

The winning entry will be chosen by a panel comprised of Nashville music industry executives and a few folks from Chesney’s team. The winner gets a $5000 scholarship, not to mention the satisfaction of having their video premiere on CMT. Any student from the aforementioned schools can submit and the sky appears to be the limit as far as creativity goes. “Get creative,” Kenny says. “Get real. Get inside the song, and show us how ‘All The Pretty Girls’ looks, feels, and resolves.”

Kenny remembers college well, of course, and that’s kind of the point. “I remember driving over the state line to West Virginia, playing in a restaurant, breaking down, driving back and parking in the music store lot, so I could turn in the sound system and get to class,” he says. “When you have a dream, you’ll do whatever it takes. I’d like to bring some college students a little bit closer than I got … and I can’t wait to see the creativity everyone brings to this song.”

“All The Pretty Girls” is the latest single from Kenny’s album Cosmic Hallelujah. Belmont and MTSU students can enter here by July 23rd.


Teddy McDonald is a fun-lovin’ country music fan man living in Nashville, Tennessee.