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Having a dog can help a lot in life!  After all they are named ‘man’s (and woman’s) best friend’ for a reason!But who woulda thought that having a dog could help you find a date a lot easier? Well according to a new study, it just might help a bunch!  In fact a new study has shown that having a dog can help you find a date!  20% of singles prefer someone who has a dog then someone who doesn’t according to a new study by Playbuzz.

The ladies love it even more if a man has a dog, with 25% of women prefer to date someone with a dog then with no dog! But there are some animals that will hurt your chances.

In fact, I am allergic to cats, so for someone that has a cat, your out of luck.  But the study also found that 55% of people will NOT date someone who has a tarantula. I could see why!

What is your favorite animal that might attract you? Ever date someone just for their dog?