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Summer break is in full swing, and the kids are already eating everything from fridge, to the freezer, and pantry! Lets be honest when we were kids, there wasn’t much we didn’t say no too! In fact, its found that teenagers will eat $50,000 worth of food between the ages of 13 and 19!  That equals about $140 a week!. That of course goes up over summer break i bet!

What are the kids munching down on? Check it out:

Top 10 Foods Teenagers Will Raid The Kitchen For This Summer:




-Ice Cream

-Potato Chips

-Chicken Nuggets

-Mac & Cheese


-French Fries

-Pancakes & Waffles

I gotta say, the one that surprises me the most has to be the pancakes and waffles.  When I was growing up, it really wasn’t one of my favorites!

What will your kid devour this summer?