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Get the grill goin and get ready to do some cooking!  After all, 4th of July is known for its cookouts and good eatin’!But what does everyone go to for the holiday?  Well I a surprised but it’s crazy that 350 slices of pizza are ate every second on 4th of July!  That’s CRAZY!  When it comes to overall favorites, these seem to be the top! Check it out:

America’s Top 6 Favorite Foods For 4th Of July:

6. Desserts: 8%

5. Coleslaw: 10%

4. Chicken: 11%

3. Hot Dogs: 14%

2. BBQ: 25%

1.Burgers: 31%

Well I don’t know about you but now I’m hungry!

What’s your favorite food to go to for 4th of July?