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America has a belt line issue.  It keeps growing!  But it isn’t just for humans.In fact a new study has come out from the Banfield Pet Hospital, there has been an increase of 196% of overweight dogs, and 158% increase in overweight cats!  That’s not good!  But which states have the fattest dogs?

Top 5 States With The Fattest Dogs:

5. Nevada: 36% of dogs are overweight

4. Idaho: 38% of dogs are overweight

3. Michigan: 38% of dogs are overweight

2.Nebraska: 39% of dogs are overweight

1.Minnesota: 41% of dogs are overweight

That sounds like some fat dogs!  And if we think it’s tough on our bodies to be overweight, you have no idea how bad it is on your pets!

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Get that fat dog on a diet! If you feed your dog table food, your really just hurting them.  You may make them happy for that moment, but the effects are horrible. Keep ya pets happy and healthy!