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Tucker Beathard - "Momma and Jesus" with Interview (Between the Notes)

Between the Notes is a Beasley Media Group original series that takes a deep dive into the minds of the hottest emerging musicians. Rising Country star Tucker Beathard goes Between the Notes on the importance of the authenticity of lyrics and his desire to be a voice to those who relate to the experiences he writes about.

Starting music as an outlet for life as a kid, Tucker Beathard is chasing the dream down that country road. 

He touches on his influences, including the soul of country music and how artists like Johnny Cash or Tim McGraw changed the game, as well as how he doesn’t believe that you should just write music that isn’t saying anything important or impactful.

“Ultimately,  you can’t go wrong with the songs that actually have depth to them. Those songs will last forever.”

He feels that there are songs that are out right now that are number ones that aren’t going to have mileage and will disappear in the next five years, but certain songs that have meaningful lyrics will be the songs that stand the test of time.


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