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If there is one thing in this world that Mom’s don’t get a lot of, it’s usually their ‘me time!’  In fact its found that 97% of moms wish they woulda had more of it before they decided to have kids!But now, its too late! Kids have sports games, homework, and dinner has to be made.  Then on top of that you have work around the house and all kinda crazy stuff to do.  It’s a wonder how they get it all done.  But they do, and when they have a few minutes to ‘sneak away’ and have a little ‘me time,’ it’s interesting to see what shows they go to!

Here are the Top 10:

The Walking Dead

Grey’s Anatomy

Orange is the New Black


13 Reasons Why


How to Get Away With Murder

Once Upon A Time

Fuller House

Gilmore Girls

Mom’s may be the only ones watching ‘Fuller House?’ Just kidding!  I will say How To Get Away With Murder is pretty good!

Mom’s what shows are your ‘go to’ when you get some time away?