Larry French/Getty Images

American’s like to drink!  But we are not alone.  Let’s face it, a lot of countries drink alcohol, and some even do it for breakfast!  Here in America, it’s just a little more then half of us that enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two!  To be exact, its 62% of Americans that drink alcohol.  What do the rest drink to have a good time?  I guess milk??

Either way, when it comes to the drink of choice, it’s no surprise that micro-brews and beer companies are popping up everywhere!  In fact, 40% of Americans prefer Beer over any other alcoholic beverage.  And though I really enjoy a cold Corona, just about any day that ends in Y, some folks rather other drinks!

30% of Americans love wine as their alcoholic drink choice.  Don’t worry ladies, we are not judging your box of wine in your purse!  It’s kinda ingenues!

And when it comes down to it, there are only 26% of Americans like me that prefer liquor!  Though I love  cold beer, Jack is always my go to!

No matter how you drink, or what you drink, just do it safely this weekend! Cheers!