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I don’t think there is a movie in the superhero film genre with more riding on it than the upcoming “Justice League.” Although I enjoyed “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” I’ll admit it did have some major flaws-specifically in its humorless script.

The film’s director, Zak Snyder was near completion on “Justice League” when personal issues forced him to step aside. Joss Whedon (the driving force behind the WILDLY successful “Avengers” movies) then took the reigns to finish it. Well, apparently he didn’t like what he saw and has now about wrapped 2-3 months of EXTENSIVE reshoots. This could go one of two ways: a tremendously successful blend of filmmaking creativity or a disjointed mess.

Oh, and did I mention that just last week it was reported that the DC Universe powers-that-be are looking to move out Ben Affleck from the role of Batman? Which is somewhat strange as he was universally praised for his portrayal in BvS.

Anyway, the main cast (pictured above) rolled into Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend determined to win over a now skeptical fan base and revealed this new trailer for the epic hero team-up that bows in November.