Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Did you know that having a dog can help you lead a healthier life?  Well it shouldn’t be that surprising really, considering dogs are so active!  Dogs can help you in a mental way as well!  But what benefits do they really give you?

Mental & Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog:

-80% Of Dog Owners Are Happy With Their Life

-86% Of Dog Owners Believe Dogs Help Them Bring Their Stress Level Down

-28% Of Dog Owners Say Their Mental Health Is Above Average

-63% of Dog Owners Are Satisfied With Their Job

-Dog Owners Watch TV Less Then Those Who Do Not, As Much As 14 Hours A Month!

-Dog Owners Also Spend 9% Less Time On Social Media!

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a dog, just go ahead and do it! It will be worth it!  Always think about Adopting instead of buying though!  You can find some great dogs out there waiting to meet you!