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Today is my scheduled 6 month scan for cancer. Ever since my first cancer was removed in 2014, I get a CT scan every six months.

In January of 2106 that is how my second cancer was discovered.

So as all cancer survivors know, waiting to hear the results of the scan is nerve-wracking  and scary! For me it usually doesn’t take long, the results are posted on my health chart from hospital, sometimes as early as that night. My oncologist leaves a note along with the test results.

What every survivor hopes to see in the note is this: “Scans look good, there is no concern for recurrence.” Unfortunately that doesn’t alway happen, we are currently watching another small spot on my adrenal gland.

Prayers are always welcome and needed. Thanks so much for the love and here’s hoping that when I open the test results tonight there is “no concern for recurrence.”