Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Though he may enjoy singing songs about rain and even a ‘Hurricane,’ Luke Combs doesn’t enjoy seeing the pain that the folks affected by these two natural occurrences at all!  In fact, he is one of many artists stepping up and giving back to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

After 15 Trillion gallons of water have been dumped on Texas the last few days all kinds of artists, stars, and athletes are pledging their help.  Even George Strait mentioned he would put together a concert to help those effected, which I can’t wait to hear more about.  Till then we all are trying to help any way we can.  Luke Combs, who is a new artist so he isn’t ‘Loaded’ by any means, gave a whopping $10,000!  Pretty awesome to see!

We will be doing a lot here in the Charlotte area in the coming days to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey as well.  Please feel free to join our Facebook Group to get more info as it becomes available!