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There are fans…and then there are fans of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team. For example, this little nugget from “Geeks and Cleats.”

“…University of Alabama football fan Mary Farr lost her eye in a plane crash. She graduated from Bama in the late 60’s and recently got a crimson-colored artificial eyeball that says BAMA. The site quotes her as saying: “Why not? I mean if you have to have any eye, a fake eye, you might as well have one that says ‘Bama’ on it. I’m wearing it for every game this year. I’ve been through a lot of stuff. But I’m telling you I love the Crimson Tide. They are the best. It’s God, family and the Crimson Tide for me.”

I remind you that “fan” is short for “fanatic”-which includes part of the word “lunatic.” 😉

Who is that “over-the-top” fan in your life?