Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, the fall and winter are right around the corner!  That means it’s time for Football on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.  Maybe even a few other days of the week like Friday night as well!  I can’t remember the last time I watched a football game and ate a salad either.  Instead its usually Pizza or Wings on Sunday, but Saturday is made for a wide assortment of dips and finger foods during College football.  Either way, they all add up and that Winter weight sneaks up after all the great food.

I’m not alone though, in fact a new survey has been done by Weight Watchers that has found that 40% of people will gain 5 pounds or more throughout the fall and winter!  Shoot I think I gained that the other weekend!  Nah, totally kidding!

I may be eating a little more then usual though, and usually about 40% of people eat more in the Fall than other times of the year.  It may be because they know cold weather is on the way and they need to add a little extra heat for the weather!  I say this, because during this time, 80% of people are less motivated to exercise as well!  Well if your eating more, and working out less, you can find that 5 pounds pretty quick!

So, be careful! Eat better, work out a little more on Monday, and enjoy the fall.  Just don’t let that summer body you worked so hard for, just slip away!