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The Zac Brown Band‘s Coy Bowles is the latest musician in the country world to have a signature model guitar produced to his specifications. Ibanez just debuted its CBM100 Coy Bowles Signature Series electric guitar and the ZBB string-master is pretty proud indeed.

As Coy explains in a promotional video for the instrument, he first learned to play on an Ibanez. He’s had once of his favorite models since high school. “When I was a kid I had some money saved up and I begged my mom to take me to the nearest music store because I wanted to get a new guitar,” he explains, holding it up for the camera. The future ZBB guitarist didn’t have enough saved to buy the instrument, however, and went outside to ask his mom for help. “She said no,” Coy recalls. “So I go back inside and another kid is playing this guitar. My heart is broken.” Coy waited for him to finish, however, and the move was worth it. When the youngster attempted to hang the instrument back on the wall, it fell, causing some slight cosmetic damage. “I ran up to the [store] owner [and] said. ‘How much will you sell it to me now for?'” Long story short, Coy and his mom got the guitar at a discount and he’s played it ever since. Now it’s the inspiration behind Coy’s signature model.

“The CBM100 is this guitar, but perfect,” Coy says of the new model while holding up the instrument he bought in the music store that day. Coy’s namesake is billed as modern meets classic. “I wanted this guitar to feel and look classic, but have the best of what’s out there today,” the website reads. “In the car world they do a thing called restomods. Basically they take a classic body and put it on the chassis of a brand new car and engine. I wanted to do that with the CBM100. It’s a guitar restomod.”

Coy’s “guitar restomod” can be yours for $3499.99. Details here.


Teddy McDonald is a fun-lovin’ country music fan man living in Nashville, Tennessee.