John Li/Getty Images

I don’t know who they talked to when they did this survey, but to me it’s crazy that the biggest thing that drives me nuts, was totally missed!  Lyco asked folks what their Top 10 Hotel Room Pet Peeves are, and they missed the one that drives me nuts the most.  You probably will agree with me, but lets check out the list:

Top 10 Hotel Room Pet Peeves

-No Control Over Room Temperature

-Lack Of Cleanliness

-Uncomfortable Bed

-Expensive / Slow WiFi

-Outside Noise

-No Bedside Lights

-Poorly Lit Mirror

-Low Water Pressure In The Shower

-Light Coming In From Windows Or Under The Door

-Not Enough Wardrobe Space

Now what’s funny is, I spent the past weekend in a hotel for a friends wedding, and while getting ready my girlfriend complained about the poorly lit mirror.  If it wasn’t for her, I doubt I would have ever though of it as an issue.  They did miss the one issue I thought was crazy though, and that was the issue of Little or No Hot Water for a Shower!  I mean how did they miss that over slow wifi or a lack of wardrobe space?!

Maybe I gotta stop staying in the wrong hotels!