Scott Kelly spent an entire year in space, now he’s releasing a memoir.

As part of NASA’s “One-Year Mission” to test how prolonged space travel affects the human body, Captain Scott Kelly Spent an entire year on the international space station while his twin brother Mark Kelly stayed on earth.

This makes Kelly the American record holder for consecutive days in space.

In an interview with NPR, Kelly stated that routine and appreciation for everyday chores was a valuable way to get through that year.  “At breakfast, I’d watch the news, do the planning conference, and then the rest of the day is executing the plan, and the activities you do range from very sophisticated, scientific experiments to fixing the toilet.”

There are a number of things that can happen to someone’s body while in space. The International Space Station is fitted with treadmills and resistances weights in order to keep astronauts muscles from weakening due to low gravity. Another common side effects of being in low gravity can include facial edema and eye problems due to body fluids collecting in the top half of the body, many of these ailments subside after returning to Earth.

Low gravity may be affecting the human body in ways that we can’t observe, but even Captain Kelly states that he doesn’t have any “Long-term negative feelings.”

Kelly’s book is titled “Endurance: A Year In Space, A Lifetime Of Discovery.”