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Yesterday I got to take photos at my first live remote.

If you’re a NASCAR fan then this one’s for you.

I was given an assignment on Monday to head out with the promotions department to the new Outback Steakhouse on Ikea Blvd. where The New 103.7 was hosting an autograph signing with Kevin Harvick.

I was given a company camera that I handled like I would a child (maybe even more careful), and after pressing a few buttons and snapping some practice shots, I decided that I could at least look like I knew what I was doing.

I arrived at the Outback where I met Eric from promotions, he was busy setting up the station tent. Most of the folks who were already lined up didn’t really take notice until the wheel came out.

The wheel is a spinning wheel divided into 12 numbers that, if it lands on the number of your choice, you get a free prize. The kids present were especially attracted to this, especially this little guy who was much more interested in just spinning the wheel than winning any prizes.

Eventually, Kevin Harvick emerged from the steakhouse triggering applause and cheers from the growing crowd lined up to see him.

He took his seat and I did my best to follow everything that was happening with my camera and tried to get the best angle next to his tent. I didn’t even notice the police officer standing behind me until he asked me who I was with. ” The New 103.7.” I told him. “oh, good.”, “I was about to tackle you,” he said jokingly.

I was relieved he didn’t.

The line moved on with each fan bringing different kinds of racing memorabilia for Kevin to sign. Some brought die-cast cars, others brought helmets, this guy brought an entire hood.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest racing fan. I’ve sat through a number of races on TV with my grandfather, but it never really got my blood pumping like other sports did. That being said, it was still really nice to see a lot of these fans meet a superstar of their sport and the smile that it put on their faces.