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Happy thanksgiving to everyone.  This is our favorite holiday of the year and as such I (Charlie) wanted to share with you some thoughts I have from this year on what I’m giving “Thanks” for.  I hope you enjoy and have a fantastic holiday weekend.

T-I’m thankful for the gift of TIME. My parents are here from Texas, and it’s occurred to me the last few instances we’ve been together how there are less of these moments ahead of us, than behind. Also, our son is 16 and won’t have his feet under our table every night much longer. I intend to maximize every minute I can. I cannot encourage all of you to do this more! To paraphrase a great quote from the movie, “Wyatt Earp, “Nothing counts as much as blood…everyone else is just strangers.”

H-I’m thankful for HEROES. Real heroes. Those heroes that serve around the world to keep evil from my family and yours. Those heroes that every day put on a uniform and ride a patrol car putting him/herself on the line for me. Those heroes in the red trucks and literally run into the fires of hell to save people and property. Those heroes that teach our children, heal our sick, and put all selfish pursuits aside to help their neighbors in times of crises like hurricanes and floods. And countless others that I feel shamed I’m not mentioning here, but I have the utmost respect and admiration for.

A-I’m thankful I’m ALIVE. It sounds simple, but there are things that have happened and I have witnessed this year that have reminded me of just how precious and fleeting life really is. God knows, I’ve done enough stupid things in my youth that I have no business still being here. However, I am. So, there’s a plan for me to do something-something good (hopefully)-and I’ll keep seeking that out.

N-I’m thankful for a NEW YEAR. 2016 was one of the best-both personally and professionally-I’ve ever experienced. It was one of those where everything just kinda fell into place. They don’t happen very often. 2017 has been a reminder of that-especially on a personal level. There is nothing more frustrating for someone who makes their living with spoken words than to be unable to come up with any of comfort to those in need-especially loved ones. Life, though, doesn’t care-and exists (it seems this year, anyway) to remind you that there are truly times when there are no words. I’m ready for the hardships of 2017 to bring just the opposite in 2018.

K-I’m thankful for KINDNESS. The end of 2016 saw a Presidential election that, instead of uniting us, has divided us like I never could have imagined. I’ve seen and heard venom spewed between friends-real friends (not the made-up Facebook kind) that left me scratching my head, and in one case, had me making a very hard decision to let someone go from my life who has been a part of it since we were 3. I was beginning to lose faith in people. And then, Hurricane Harvey hit my home state of Texas and my hometown of Houston. I saw kindness, compassion, and generosity among my fellow Texans that made my heart swell with pride. No one saw color, socio-economic status, or politics there…just neighbors in need, a job to be done, and a town to rebuild. And I saw my beloved Charlotteans come together at the behest of my radio station to load millions of pounds of supplies in 18-wheelers for Houston in a day that we saw 3 inches of rain fall. To the people of my home and adopted home, you’ve restored my faith in humanity.

S-I’m thankful for SECOND CHANCES. You don’t get too many “mulligans” in life, so when one comes along (ESPECIALLY with family), I suggest you take it. My grandmother’s 100th birthday in February brought together relatives (pictured above) that, frankly, I’d lost track of in the last 30 years or so. Being able to re-connect and spend time (real, quality time) with them-both at that celebration, and later in Virginia, was one of the great things I’ll remember and cherish from this year. I know I drove away thinking, “Why have I NOT had these people in my and my family’s life for all this time? Gawd, I’m a dope.” I can’t wait until we can line up our schedules again.