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So this is one of the most fascinating stories to come out of the recent Hollywood sex scandals. Ridley Scott’s telling of the infamous Getty kidnapping in the 1970s, “All The Money In The World,” originally featured Kevin Spacey in the role of J. Paul Getty.

Then…Kevin Spacey became engulfed in a sex controversy fire of his own doing and Scott was quick to action. And by quick to action I mean he IMMEDIATELY announced he was removing Kevin Spacey from the film and re-shooting his part with Christopher Plummer (pictured above). Oh, and he was still going to make the December release date.

All in the movie biz were beyond skeptical of him being able to pull this off.

Maybe Ridley Scott has. “All The Money In The World” is STILL slated to open on December 22.

Here is the initial trailer-featuring Spacey.



And now the NEW trailer with Plummer.