Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Nah, me neither.  But according to a new survey by MediBank who studied over 270,000 names of pets in the year 2017, they are out there somewhere.  In fact, there are some really crazy names for pets for this year.  Of course you have Champagne Bubbles, and Monkey Head, but don’t forget about Dog Dog or Sweat Pants.  One pet was even named Uber!

Check out the full list:

Champagne Bubbles
Chocolate Puddin’
Dancing With Danger Viper
Dog Dog
Funky Dunky
Gremlin Princess
Grey Cat
I’m A King Bee
Miss Australia
Monkey Head
Notorious BIG
Nugget Sue
Obi Wan Handsome-Kenobi
Purrlock Holmes
Rat Bag
Rose Colored Chifon Swirl
Rudolf Reindeer Ward
Sweat Pants
Yum Cha
You Tube

Crazy names huh? I’d be yelling for an Uber and the dog would come running in!

What’s the craziest pet name you’ve ever met?