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Brett Young has enjoyed a banner year. The California native has logged two No. 1 singles (three total including 2016), and he’s launched a headlining tour that has sold out repeatedly. This year has been great, he admits, and there’s a message in all of it.

First and foremost, do what makes you happy. “A lot of people will try to discourage you – you’ve got your head in the clouds, you’re barking up the wrong tree, that’s an unlikely outcome,” he says in an interview released by his record label. “Fine. But do you really want to work a job that doesn’t make you happy, or do something that you’re going to resent twenty years down the road? Or do you want to chase your dream and fight for it?”

That remains the plan moving forward, he says, though some might encourage him to rest. “The last 18 months have been surreal,” he told Billboard at November’s CMA Awards in Nashville. “I really can’t put it into words. Moving forward, we’ve had so many successes and seen so much growth, really, myself and the team and my band, we just wanna make sure we don’t get excited about what’s happened and kind of sit back and get lazy … we want to keep up with what people expect.”

One look at his touring schedule shows how serious he is. After a brief break to enjoy the holidays, he’ll be right back on the road beginning January 8th. From there he’s pretty busy through the spring. Take a look for yourself here. Follow Brett on Facebook and Twitter here and here, respectively.


Teddy McDonald is a fun-lovin’ country music fan man living in Nashville, Tennessee.