Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

You best believe it!  And it’s actually scientifically proven!  In Spain, a hospital has found that drinking coffee can help reduce the risks of early death, and another agency did research and found it keeps may diseases away!  Am I pulling your leg?  Well pour a cup of coffee and lets talk!

According to Spain’s Navarra Hospital, four cups of coffee every day reduces risk of an early death!  It seems that the polyphenols in coffee have an anti-inflammatory effect that helps every part of you.  Just don’t have too many!  They are not sure of the cut off, but they don’t recommend more then eight!

When it comes to preventing disease, Professor Elio Riboli and Dr. Mark Gunter for the International Agency of Research have found that the more coffee you drink, the less chances you have in circulatory diseases, and digestive diseases.  This research was done in 10 different European countries!

So next time someone give you a hard time about a cup of coffee, just keep pouring ya one and smile! Oh and Happy National Gourmet Coffee Day!