Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

If you ever wondered what will end a date pretty fast, well you are about to find out.  Some folks can deal with a lot, while others won’t deal with anything at all.  When it comes to 900 people recently interviewed by Flavour Boss, it seems that 30% of people feel one thing can be a deal breaker right away!  But what is it?

Well according to the survey, it seems that Bad Breath is the one thing that 30% of people say will kill a date or relationship right away!  But other things can be a problem too! Check it out:

  1. Bad Breath- 30%
  2. Smoking- 25%
  3. Arrogance- 25%
  4. Poor Manners- 24%
  5. Dwelling On Their Exes- 14%

Yea I’d say those would be some big issues to me too!