Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Out of the folks who have broke up in the last week, what seemed to be the issue?  Has it been an argument over the Olympics?  Maybe an argument over gun rights?  Or the argument on what to do for the upcoming summer?  Actually none of these reasons make up almost half.  What does, might surprise you!

If you think about what was 7 days ago, the one thing you may not remember is the fact that it was Valentine’s day last Wednesday.  A day that has been smothered in Love since Hallmark and the florists of the world started it!  Okay, I know it wasn’t started that way, but still.  Let’s face it, it’s very commercialized.  This leads to folks having very large expectations and when those aren’t met, then they are let down.  When they are let down, then they are hurt and feel they need to look other places for love so they break up.

Yes, in the last week, statistics show that 42% of relationships have ended due to Valentine’s day.  Crazy huh?

Would you end a relationship over one day?