Cindy Ord/Getty Images

How much money would you honestly fork up to save your family pet?  I think a lot of it might have to be how close you are with this said pet, and how much you make a year.  I mean if your a millionaire, then dropping a few thousand to save Jack the family dog, wouldn’t be that bad.  If you are barely getting by, it could really knock you back financially!  Well one women in Baltimore didn’t care about how much she made when it came to saving her pet cat, Stanley.  In fact she forked up some major dough to save her!

Betsy Boyd of Baltimore said that she didn’t think twice when it came to the fact that her cat Stanley needed kidney transplant. This wasn’t any small or inexpensive procedure either as it set her back $19,000!  Now I bet your thinking that Betsy must be racking in the dough if she spent that kinda money right? Well as a ‘part-time writing professor,’ I’d say shes doing okay making $46,000 a year, but by no means loaded.  Unless she has some kinda family money,  inheritance, or successful investments!

Either way, I gotta say, it really makes me wonder, what most would spend to save their pet.  I mean would you drop a $2,500?  Or would you go up to $10,000?  I mean I know I’ve heard other say they would spend whatever it takes.  I think what Betsy did is crazy, but if its what makes her happy then I’m glad she did it!  What would you spend?