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When I first heard that there was a movie being made about the life of Freddie Mercury, the legendary lead singer of the group Queen, I was more than skeptical.

The phrase, “He was one-of-a-kind” is one that is truly over-used. Not in the case of Freddie Mercury. This is so true to me that I honestly thought any on-screen portrayal of him would come off as campy. I thought I was going to be proven right as Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat”) was initially circling the project. Thankfully, he had “creative differences” with the producer and director’s vision(s) and left the project.

Then I heard that Rami Malek was the actor playing the part. Now I’m curious. This is the brooding star of USA’s “Mr. Robot.” He is hardly a comic or what I would consider a “flamboyant” leading man in any way.

The first teaser trailer for “Bohemian Rhapsody” didn’t really show much.

THIS one does!


If the movie can even come close to the promise of THIS, then everyone should be ALL IN this fall.