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Tammy Hedges from Wayne County was taken into custody after providing care for 17 cats and 10 dogs during Hurricane Florence.

The owners of the animals evacuated and Tammy stepped up to help. She placed the animals in a shelter that she was in the process of building. Unfortunately, the facility was not legally registered as an animal shelter.

Some of the animals were sick and injured. Tammy treated many of these animals with over-the-counter medication.

She posted about the charges on the Crazy Claws N Paws Facebook page, “1 count of administering amoxicillin to Big Momma, 1 count of administering Tramadol to Big Momma, 3 counts of administering amoxicillin to a white Siamese cat, 3 counts of administering a topical antibiotic ointment (triple antibiotic from Dollar Tree) to a white Siamese cat, 3 counts of administering amoxicillin to a cat known as Sweet Pea, 1 count of administering amoxicillin to an unnamed black kitten, and 1 count of solicitation to commit a crime.”

The county released this statement, “Wayne County Animal Services turned the case over to the Wayne County District Attorney’s office based on suspicion of practicing veterinarian medicine without a license and presence of controlled substances. Ms. Hedges is considered innocent until proven guilty.”

You can see Tammy’s update in the Facebook post below.


UPDATE 9/25/18, 4:22 PM: Tammie has been made aware of the charges being dismissed, but is waiting for confirmation...

Posted by Crazys Claws N Paws on Friday, September 21, 2018

What are your thoughts? Do you think she should have been arrested and charged?