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Dear Fellow People Who Think Cancer Sucks,

Like any of you.  My life has been irrevocably altered by cancer.  My sister is a survivor (her illness when I was in high school caused ripples in our family dynamic that have never recovered).  My grandmother is a survivor. My good friend and “brother,” Tanner continues to fight every day.

And last week I got the word that wife my college roommate and fraternity little brother has stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer.  She’s got a college-age-son and a 17 year-old-daughter.  There’s a very real chance she won’t live to see his graduation or her next phases of life (college, marriage, etc.).

And I’m sick of it.

Furthermore, for me it’s gotten to be like gun violence in schools.  I’m tired of “praying” for an answer or Grace.  I’m mad.  And  I’m now demanding our medical community do something.

Years ago, I was watching a stand-up comedy special from Chris Rock.  In it he started recounting all of the amazing technological achievements as a society we’ve accomplished since the mid-twentieth century.  And then…he pointed out we haven’t cured anything since Polio.  You wanna guess when that was?


Let me give you an idea about how long ago that was:

-gas was 29 cents a gallon

-the average cost of a house was $7,354 (or as it’s known today, a down payment…ON A CAR)

-a loaf of bread was 18 cents

You get the idea.  At the risk of sounding like some crazy conspiracy theorist, I ask this question…you mean to tell me with ALL of our advancements, all of our funding, all of our research and education, we haven’t cured a damn thing since 1955?!

I believe (truly) the answer is this:  the care and feeding of disease, the maintenance of disease,  has become too profitable to ever consider a cure.  To cure is to end the gravy train.

Think I’m crazy, medical community?  Want to prove me to be such?   FINE!  Do it.  Cure the plague of my lifetime.  Cure cancer.  Otherwise, just admit I’m right and accept the consequences of turning your back and talent on the planet.


One Pissed Off Citizen Of The World