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Last week on an election-themed segment of “Weekend Update”, Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson was giving his “first impressions” of candidates in the mid-term elections. He looked at Dan Crenshaw’s picture and stated “You might be surprised to know this guy’s running for Congress and is not a hit man in a porno movie.” Crenshaw sports an eye patch as he lost his right one in combat in Afghanistan to an IED…IN HIS THIRD TOUR OF DUTY.

As you might expect-and deservedly so-Davidson took a lot of heat.

SO…this weekend on the show, Davidson apologized for the comment calling it a poor choice. He said he was sorry from the bottom of his heart. In a surprise twist,  the former Navy SEAL, Texas congressman-elect Crenshaw appeared on SNL sitting at the desk with Davidson. Crenshaw accepted his apology, and had a good laugh at Davidson’s expense as well.

Crenshaw reminded everyone to “never forget” sacrifices made by past and present veterans. Davidson’s father was a NYC firefighter who died in the September 11 attacks. This exchanges reminds us that we all make poor choices both in action and words from time to time. However, a heartfelt apology and a willingness to let ourselves be a bit vulnerable can go a long way in mending divides.