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One of the things I love most about Christmas is that the things that mean the most to me, mean the most to Debbie as well.

Near the top of the list is our Christmas tree.

We hate to turn it off at night and can literally sit for hours with a beverage and just stare at it.  Every thing that is on our tree has a memory, hobby, or interest behind it.  Mixed in is plenty of family history as well.

From the tree skirt handmade by my now, 102-year-old grandmother, to the first ornament I ever received as a gift in 1973, to ones that mark our son’s first Christmas, to our unique tree topper, it’s all “Nance” in 8-9 feet of fake Spruce.

Now, about that tree topper.  In 1974 (the second year my family lived in “the house that built me”), we were shopping for a new Christmas tree and in the store was a tree topper that was a rotating Santa sleigh.  I was 4.  I was mesmerized.  It was expensive, but my parents couldn’t resist the begging of their youngest.

I’ve ALWAYS had some form of that tree topper EVER since.

This latest version is my favorite as the rotating topper itself was handmade by a craftsman who no longer creates them (but before he stopped, I ordered two!), and it’s AMAZING.

And the Santa above the sleigh?  That’s the original from that purchase in 1974.

I hope you enjoy our tree as much as we do.

And Merry Christmas.