Can we have a moment of real talk please? Before the craziness of ice and snow hit the Carolina’s, we really gotta talk about a few things!First thing first, Milk and Bread are not enough.  Go get necessities and supplies to live on.  Though I always feel its frozen pizza and beer, the girlfriend does not agree.  But you make your own judgement calls.

Second thing second, if it is bad out, then stay OFF of the roads!  I know, I know, your “from New Jersey, Massachusetts so you grew up driving in this.” We all have heard the stories, but they also have the equipment to deal with snow up in those areas.  Our local government just doesn’t have the equipment to do so, so give them time to work and stay at home with your family.  Unless you save lives daily, or work at the Waffle House, the world won’t stop without you taking some time off.

And Last, this may not even happen this weekend.  It could hold off and happen later this winter, or it may not happen at all.  Either way, always be prepared and know that when it comes down to it, we will do our best to bring you the most information about what is going on here in the Carolina’s on The New 103.7,, Insta, Twitter, and the Facebook.

Have a great weekend yall!