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First the good news for the DC movie universe. “Aquaman” opened in China last weekend, and it was a huge success.  The movie made nearly $100 million-becoming the highest-grossing, first-weekend, movie in that country’s history (it opens here next Friday 12/21).

“Wonder Woman 1984,” the sequel to the phenomenally successful “Wonder Woman,” starring Gal Gadot, bows in theaters June 5, 2020.

Now the bad news. It has already been widely reported that Ben Affleck was done playing “Batman,” and that Henry Cavill had been told his services are no longer needed as “Superman.”

Today, straight from the source, it appears “Lois Lane” has been fired. Amy Adams, who has played the Daily Planet’s ace reporter in “Man of Steel,” “Batman v Superman,” and “Justice League,” says she may be done portraying the character and that DC movies may be headed in a new direction.

Adams spoke to Nicole Kidman (who is “Atlanna” in the “Aquaman” movie-btw) during an episode of Variety’s Actors on Actors and said, “I think I’m out of the DC Universe now. I think they’re revamping that. I don’t know the details.”

Don’t worry about Adams the actress, though. She can next be seen as “Lynne Cheney” in the critically acclaimed, “Vice,” opposite Christian Bale. That’s right, the same Christian Bale who spent three films as “Batman.”