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So,  you watched, “Dumplin'” on Netflix because you’re a fan of Dolly Parton’ music, or Jennifer Anniston’s acting.  Then,  you thought, “Hey…I know Aunt Lucy!”

Chances are…you might!

Asheville comedienne and actress, Hilliary S. Begley plays the main character, Willowdean’s, loving role model and inspiration.  A casting director caught her at at The Orange Peel club in Asheville and one thing led to another..

One thing’s for sure, Begley doesn’t pull any punches in life; and when talking about it, you might laugh or cry.

She grew up in Brevard and Asheville and because of her size and challenged economic situation, wore hand-me-down pregnant clothes as it was her only option.

However, she thrived at Reynolds High her obvious charisma and personality, “I ws teh first fat girl to walk homecoming court at Reynolds, and I won.”

Begley has recently added another acting credit, a Hallmark movie called, “When We Last Spoke.”

“Dumplin'” is available for streaming on Netflix now.