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A Letter From Santa To Military & First Responder Families!

A mom whose husband works on Christmas Day as a first responder came up with a solution for other parents and kids who can not have their loved one home on Christmas.

She created an "official letter" from Santa Claus explaining to the kids of military and first responders that they sacrifice a lot so their parents can help others. Santa explains that a special group of kids will be celebrating Christmas on a different day this year so that the whole family can celebrate it together. In this mom's case, Christmas will be celebrated the morning of December 24th.

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Posted by Stephanie Lynn on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The letter has now gone viral racking up 25,000 views and thousands of comments. Parents have requested an amendment to the letter to include medical professionals, pilots and flight crews, divorced families and general use.

How does your family celebrate the holidays?

Of course as always, we are thinking about all our friends and family who are serving this great nation.  We also are thinking about those who are working on Christmas from Nurses, to Doctors, Police, Medic, Firefighters and more! Thank you for keeping us safe for another holiday season!

Merry Christmas!