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As I’m writing this, I am staring at the our Christmas Tree.  It is fully lit and still happily decorating the left corner of our living room.

The problem is…it’s the most perfect we’ve ever had our tree and we don’t want to take it down, because we know we’ll never get it that right again.

That, and we know what a huge pain in the arse it is to take it all down and put it up, and we’re not in the mood.

Sound familiar?

Well, Renae Krivitz,  mom in Minnesota has come up with an idea you  might want to consider.  She’s keeping all of the decorations on the tree and wrapping it tightly in plastic. Think like Saran Wrap but the industrial size that movers use on your furniture (keep in mind, this only works if you have a fake tree).

Posted by Renae Krivitz on Saturday, January 5, 2019

The only problem I see is at that point, you’re still gonna want to probably move it, and then where are you gonna movie it to?

If I had a space, I SWEAR I’d be considering this!