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Frank Robinson, one of the finest baseball players to ever take the field, AND Major League Baseball’s first ever black manager died Wednesday at the age of 83.

As far as resumes go, his was hard to beat.

-Played 21 seasons, batting .294 with 2,943 hits and 586 Home Runs

-2 time Most Valuable Player (and the ONLY player to win the award in both the American and National League)

-2 time World Series winner

-He was rookie of the year in 1956

-And won the triple crown in 1966

From a historical perspective, before his playing days ended, he was named player/manager of the Cleveland Indians, making him the major league’s first-ever black mananger.

An interesting tidbit is this.  He grew up in San Francisco and was the captain on his high school basketball team that won the state championship.  His teammate?  None other than Boston Celtics legend, Bill Russell-regarded by many as the greatest winner in the history of team sports.  His tweet today is below.