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I feel like I’ve been seening previews for this for forever!  FINALLY, the movie about WWE Paige’s life and bizarre upbringing is hitting the big screen.Paige’s real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis and she comes from a family of wrestlers from Norfolk, England.  Fighting With My Family, out in theaters February 14, REALLY looks good-whether you’re a wrestling fan or not!

I dig that it’s actually a comedy based on a British documentary from 2012 of the same name.  Florence Pugh as Paige, who signed to train with the WWE at the age of 18.   Just three years later, she became the youngest wrestler ever to win the WWE Divas Championship—and it was her debut on the main roster!

Fighting With My Family also covers Paige’s relationship with her brother Zak, who also tried out to train with the WWE.

However he never made it.  This is their story.