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Imagine this, brides.  It’s your big day.  Prince Charming is waiting at the end of the aisle to take you to the land of “Happily Ever After.”And all is great, right up to the point when you go to take wedding pictures.  That’s when your adorable, three-year-old daughter wants to show you her “trick.”

And that “trick” is an extended middle finger.

That’s right, instead of hearing the photographer say, “Watch the birdie,” he was saying, “She’s giving me the bird!”

Welcome to Hannah Earley’s life on the day she married Nathan and her precious Maddison photobombed the wedding photo.

Wait, it gets better, Maddison continued to do this for about a month-even giving the middle finger at her sister’s graduation from daycare!

I dare you to look at this pic and not crack up.