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Okay…start guessing.  Flowing white dress with a train longer than an freeway on-ramp?  Hubby Liam on a white horse?  Daddy Billy Ray to sing?

No.  On a day where she announced she’d taken her husband’s name, this little tidbit came out about her recent wedding.  Oh, and if you had “vegan chicken and dumplings,” you win!

Miley Cyrus, now known as Miley Ray Hemsworth, says that was her only “rider.”

Now, to pull back the curtain on “Oz” for a second.  A “rider” is the part of an artists contract to perform that is basically a laundry list of items they desire/require “to perform.”

These are highly negotiable.  Basically, they ask for the world in hopes someone will give it to them.  My favorite rider was the first one Montgomery Gentry had.  It was simple:  one gallon Jim Beam and 2 cartons of Marlboro Lights. <g>

Miley says she didn’t even need a wedding dress.  Shoot, she was even trying to wear leggings and a hoodie!   Well, she may not have been that comfortable, but she did have her comfort food!