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Look, I get it.  We ALL get a little PO’ed from time to time when it come to public service.

Just this weekend, I had an oil change place screw me around and cause a 20 minute trip to be a 3 hour ordeal.  However, I dealt with it by telling the manager, “We’re done.  You had a customer, and you’ve lost me, and anyone I know.”

And I drove off.

That’s the grown up way to handle things.

Then there’s THIS pregnant woman in New York City.  As you can see below, her frustration boiled over she decided the best course of action was to smash the windows of a fast food restaurant.  Their offense?

Apparently, they had the gall to be out of beef patties.

The as-yet-unidentified woman (believed to be 8 months into a 9 month ride) is believed to be a regular customer at the Back Home Restaurant in the Bronx.

Probably not anymore.

Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman craving a double cheeseburger.