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Love Soda? Get Ready To Be Taxed And Maybe Even Banned In This US State!

California Democratic lawmakers are proposing not only a tax on soda but also warning labels.  Could your favorite drink also be banned?

In California, soda products could be taxed have warning labels. But democrats are not stopping their.  In fact the ban of "unsealed portions" of sweetened beverages larger than 16 ounces is an attempt to address, what they are calling "a public health crisis."

Although an exact fee hasn't been proposed, a tax of two cents on every fluid ounce could raise $2 billion for California.  That money would be used to offset the cost of sugar-related healthcare for things like diabetes and obesity.  One in four Californians is obese. Critics of the proposed bill say that Californians shouldn't be "treated like children" or "taxed for their rights."

Do you think a soft drink tax is a good idea?