Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Do Dog Owners Take More Pics Of Their Dog Or Spouse?

Who do you love more? Your spouse or your dog?  You can be honest with us because we are about to get honest with you and tell you what 65 percent of dog owners have told us! There's now a study that says 65 percent of dog owners take more pictures of their pet than their spouses.  Now if that didn't floor you, the study also revealed that half of the people in the survey say it's harder to leave their dog for a week than their spouse.  And if that still didn't send you into disbelief, the study also said 56 percent of dog owners greet their dog before they greet the rest of the family.

So the next time you get grief about being too much in love with your dog, don't get upset, there's a study to prove them right. Plus if you look at that cute pup's face and realize they love you no matter if your socks make it in the hamper or not, it just makes you understand why the bond is so much stronger.

Do you often get blamed for loving your pet too much? Has a dog ever broken up your relationship?