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There were times in her wild and reckless youth that I gave Miley Cyrus a hard time (she deserved it).  However, some of her actions as a “grown-up” have not just impressed, but made me want to stand and applaud.

First, after her own home was destroyed by fires in Malibu, she and her then fiance, Liam Hemsworth  IMMEDIATELY donated $500,000 to the disaster’s relief fund.

And now…there’s this.

Earlier this week it was reported that former “Voice” contestant, Janice Freeman died after suffering a blood clot over the weekend.  Miley was Janice’s coach on the show, and expressed her feelings on social media, “To hug you one more time @janicefreeman….I made a promise to you here on earth and will keep that promise as you watch from heaven. To take care of your precious little girl, my baby sister. To shine a light on your husband and mother when days are dark ! I love you.”

Miley then posted that she was never a “coach” to Freeman and she had learned from the wife and mother of a 12-year-old daughter named Hannah.

It’s one thing to say the words in person when no one’s watching.  It’s another to live up to your promises under the glare of the spotlight.

Good for Miley…may we all have someone like her in our lives.