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Wow.  This is tough.  On one hand, I think comedians are the ultimate examples of the first amendment.  However, as we’ve told our son many times, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence (from what you said).

Pete Davidson, no stranger to controversy from his Weekend Update segments on SNL (see YouTube’s videos of his commentary regarding Congressman Dan Crenshaw), may have really stepped in it this week.

In his appearance on Saturday Night, Davidson begins by saying that R. Kelly is a monster and should go to jail forever. He continued, if you support the Catholic church, isn’t that the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan? He went on to say that the only difference is one’s music is significantly better than the other.

Look, I find Pete Davidson unapologetically irreverent and funny.  And I applaud any and all comedians who take it to the limit.

Would I have done this joke?


Did I laugh?


Do I think there’s an interesting point made?


Do I think he’s probably gonna have to apologize this week?

I hope not…but I have NO doubt he will.

What do you think?