Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Are The Panthers Leaving Charlotte?

I guess when they named them the Carolina Panthers, they were serious about not designating "North" (even though they're based in Charlotte) for a reason!

Panthers owner David Tepper and other team officials ARE scheduled to meet with the Governor and legislative leaders in South Carolina this morning to discuss moving their practice and business operations to the state.

The Panthers’ legal team also met with a top state senator last week to discuss legislation that might be necessary to move the Panthers across the border.

Of course the focus of the conversation was about economic incentives (ie tax benefits being offered), but also there are issues with the team's 53-man roster not technically being able to be counted as full-time workers.

These would have to be addressed.

Look, not to sound the panic button here, but this could be just the beginning.

If the Panthers move their business and practice operations to South Carolina, how long will it be before they look to move their game operations there?

Would North Carolina be willing to get into a bidding war for The Panthers?

How would you feel about them leaving Charlotte?  Would you still root for them?